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Looking at life …

“Life is nestled in the small things; in understanding how weeds fit into the picture, and in talking to the trees.” – from The Puppet Master’s Secret, by Cathy Mc Donald

About me

I am a chameleon. Wherever I happen to be, is where I belong. We are energy beings living an interconnected life. If we look closely, we may begin to see how it all fits together, and eventually, we may even master the skill of living life on our own terms. Watching humanity go about living life in the spaces I blend into, creates a space from which words can flow to capture the life held within each breath, and the silence in between …

I am also an author, a practising non-medical hypnotherapist, and a meditation coach. Mossel Bay is where I currently live and work.

Choosing to Heal – A journey through time into eternity and back

The author takes the reader on a colourful journey to her past lives in places like ancient Egypt, Japan and medieval England, revealing all she needed to heal her current life. As she met slaves, monks, knights and Samurai, her journey inevitably led deep into the inner soul world where five spiritual guides assisted the author to heal painful physical and emotional aspects of her life, while her spiritual regression to the space between lives provided even further clues to the pattern of the ancient tapestry of her soul’s life.

The Puppet Master’s Secret

As Kate battles her OverSelf’s control to find a reason to live, any reason, she has to rewrite her history, along the way exposing Cosmic truths and eventually, her Master’s secret. The mystery of her past unfolds as she finds clues to her truth while allowing the puzzle pieces of her life’s pattern to fall into place. Is there a beautiful balance in the strange events that shaped her into what she needed to become to step into a destiny beckoning to her from a distance? When information threatens to overwhelm her like a tsunami thundering onto the coastline of an island much too small to handle its onslaught, Kate holds on to hope – the only weapon available to protect her sanity. But who is behind the powerful influence that seems to be present in every aspect of her life?

Magical, Mystical, Miracle Life: It just is

“I discovered recently that when dark clouds appear on the horizon and it becomes difficult to stay positive or to have faith in what you are busy with, being grateful for the puzzle or difficult situation you are presented with can change everything. Suddenly, the answers just flow into your mind. The opportunities open up as the clouds fade away, revealing that which you could not see before. The energy of gratitude is light. It allows love, laughter and light to enter your space.” – Gratitude and Miracles

What do we see when we observe life? Do we allow it to pass us by unnoticed, or do we take note of the wisdom held within the petals of a rose, from when the rose buds to when the petals begin to fall? This collection of blogs is an observation of the dynamics of ordinary happenings in the lives of humans doing their best, just trying to be what the moment asks of them.

Let’s look at life …

Guided Meditations

You can listen to some of my guided meditations on Insight Timer:

Gratitude Meditation

Hopes & Dreams Meditation

Expanding into Healing

Source of Light

Chakra Balancing

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