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Our lives are continually touched by something beyond what we may be able to perceive, whatever name each of us may choose to give it or however we may describe it.  No matter what we may believe, on our journey in this world we all continually encounter opportunities to live and love and learn and choose.  As we may choose to learn to be at peace with our universe, ourselves and others and to embrace who we are and what is, we may just be able to open up enough to perceive the Master’s Touch, gently nudging us along destiny’s path as we choose to heal.

As it turns out, I ended up jumping into the void with much less thought than I figured would be required before doing something like that.  Courage was not involved at all!  For the record, I am still in free fall and it seems like the ideal position from which to report on the issue – just in case there is someone out there wanting to jump into a void of their own!

For the most part the actual jump is a bit of a blur right now.  Perhaps later I shall remember more of the ‘details’, and probably embellish a little!  What I do remember is that I felt swept up in ... something.  Synchronicity?  No idea.  But it felt right.  More than that, it was right.  Jumping was in fact the only option.  That first step out into the void, if it is taken when it is meant to be, happens almost automatically once the clear sense of knowing settles into the mind ...

Given that I tend to be overly analytical, I feel obliged to dissect the section of the jump between stepping out and where I think I am now – in free fall.  It seems to me that what brought about that almost involuntary reaction to jump is a mixture of clear intention, absolute passion, a sense of knowing what is right at that very moment and a total absence of fear.  If one’s passion can shape one’s intention clearly, the resultant exhilaration produces a state of mind that pushes out all fear, because in the end all will be well. 

So much for stepping out ...  Once over the cliff, it is encouraging to find cloud nine drifting by and it is not too difficult to adopt the behaviour of a bouncing beach ball.  For a while everything is just fine, but one soon bounces right off the cloud and for the first time a little catch in the throat makes one think ... oh my word ...  Happily, by then it is too late and as there is no turning back, tumbling further into the void is inevitable anyway. 

Much to my surprise I found that the very act of jumping into the void is an act of creation which seemingly produces what feels very much like tiles under one’s feet.  So far so good.  The very fact that tiles have been slipped under one’s feet of course suggests forward movement, and one is left with the amazing belief that if such tiles appeared once, more tiles might magically appear.  The thing is though, feeling the tiles under one’s feet brings a sense of being looked after and with that, trusting that more tiles will be slipped under one’s feet just before one tumbles into free fall, becomes easier.

Of course every now and again a little free fall is apparently part of the path through the void when the next tile is nowhere to be seen.  At this stage I am not sure whether I am really in free fall downwards towards goodness knows what, somehow having missed a tile, or whether I am being swept along through the void stepping on invisible tiles I am not able to perceive.  What I do know is that the chance to jump would not have come again, because I know that when I jumped, the time was exactly right.  And somehow, this knowledge manages to dissolve all fear.