My book Choosing to Heal:  A journey through time into eternity and back was released in September 2015.  The story takes the reader on a journey to my past lives in places like ancient Egypt, Japan and medieval England, revealing all I needed to heal my current life. As I met slaves, monks, knights and Samurai, my journey inevitably led deep into the inner soul world where five spiritual guides assisted me to heal painful physical and emotional aspects of my life, while my spiritual regression to the space between lives provided even further clues to the pattern of the ancient tapestry of my soul’s life.  It was an amazing journey and writing about it, sharing what I experienced, was a whole new journey!  Find out more about my book.

Over the years, I have learned a lot of things from my clients, both in my legal practice and my therapy practice.  Some of these insights have found their way into my blog.

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