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Our leader is a mirror of who we are as a society – collectively.  All the focus and attention on the removal of an unpopular leader merely feed a great ego that truly does not care about the views of ANYONE, or any group.  The only ego that anyone has any control over, is his or her own.  Look into the mirror of your leader and ask what it reflects about you:  Where in our lives do we abuse our power, perhaps over our partners, our colleagues or employees, or even our children? 

Where do we benefit from things that we strictly speaking should not benefit from, but can get away with?  How many divisive thoughts do we privately share with friends, thoughts we would never openly express, because they would reveal that we do not really believe in a society where we can all live together in peace?  Are each of us very sure that we are not racists or elitists, regardless of our own culture or race?  What do we give back to this world, or are we too busy abusing food, alcohol, and other substances, because life is so tough and it is the only way we can cope and forget the pain?  We can on Friday take to the streets and make demands or take a stand on social media, in so doing lulling ourselves into believing that we are making a difference and that we can change our leader and our country for the better by demanding that a massive ego should mend its ways.  But will we take a stand against what we so hate to see in that mirror, in our leader?  The mirror of life cannot lie.  What it reflects will not change unless what is facing it, changes.  You.  Me.  One can control only one’s own ego and mend one’s own ways, not those of others, or even that of our leader.  As a member of a group, of a society, as a citizen of this amazing country, the most powerful gift each of us can give this country, our fellow South Africans, and ourselves, is the gift of our positive focus on eradicating our own darkness.  On Friday, let each of us take just one minute, somewhere in our busy days, to change what we see in the mirror.  Let us have the courage to be brutally honest with ourselves about just one thing about ourselves that needs changing or healing, a tiny piece of darkness that each of us is willing to let go of.  We can do this in prayer or in mediation or in both, each in accordance with their own beliefs.  There is no power on earth that can stop the mirror of life from reflecting the truth. As we change, so will what the mirror reflects, also change.  It has to.  I can only show what is.  It is the law of the sacred creative energy each of us were lovingly blessed with on the day of our birth, together with the choice to use it for good, or not.  Let us change our reality in South Africa by each changing our personal darkness into a brilliant light … even if for now it is only a tiny speck of light sent out by each of us … and then see the collective integrity that we put out as a society by each doing just that little bit of work on ourselves, reflected back to us in that mirror.  The more of us that can manage to overcome some of our own imperfections, the more our society will be able to reflect a different collective energy, a different and much more loving truth.  And before our eyes that mirror will change and we will through our efforts to better ourselves as individuals, pave the way for those who do have the actual power to change the leadership of our country from within the ranks of the powers that be, using the proper mechanisms provided for in legislation and the constitution, to stand up and to be strong, and to have the courage to make the changes on our behalf that we as a society have earned, not deserved.  We earn what flows to us by authentically changing ourselves.  Demanding what we insist we deserve without checking that we in fact earned the right to have it, will give us only what we continue to create, blindly pointing fingers in a state of unawareness of our true power.  If in our blindness we keep pointing fingers, ignoring the fingers pointing back at ourselves, our mirror will continue to reflect the results of our own blindness.  We will always have the leader that we have created.  The power is ours.  It rests within our minds.  You have the courage and the integrity to reach deep into yourself and to find that one thing you can change for the better and in so doing, raising up those around you.  If you did not have this strength, you would not have been born into these times, you would not have been given this extraordinary power to change things for the better, to make a difference. Use it well.  It is your destiny as a human living in South Africa. Let’s post fewer demands and opinions, and more about what we have shifted in ourselves to help our brothers and sisters have a better future, because working on oneself is an act of pure love towards all of mankind, one which humanity is in great need of.


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