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Mirror, mirror on the wall … We all know about the magic mirror that could not lie and would always tell the evil queen exactly what she wanted to hear …

We still have these magic mirrors around and they never lie. They show us exactly what we need to know. Unfortunately, like the evil queen, we also do not like it when the truth we are shown does not correspond with what we want to hear.

In the great Game of Life we encounter people who simply refuse to do what we would like them to do. There is the husband who will not stop lying and the work colleagues who make our lives hell. And what about the nosy neighbour who simply will not stop gossiping behind everyone’s back? Our days bring us all kinds of administrative difficulties, seemingly designed to disrupt all our carefully laid plans. Why were we cursed with traffic departments? The kids are fighting again and you forgot to fetch your chronic prescription medication from the pharmacy. You were wasting so much time doing someone a favour and lending a helping hand to the poor suffering relative of your best friend’s uncle, that you now do not have enough energy left to handle the mini crisis developing in your own life. Yeah, life is tough.

Surely we are not responsible for what others do? No, we are not. So why is it that we often focus on what others do, almost exclusively?

I met a young lady a while ago who complained to me about her boyfriend’s drug abuse. She could not understand why he preferred to spend an evening in a daze, as opposed to spending quality time with her. I asked her how this made her feel and she said: ‘It makes me feel absolutely worthless.’ Her boyfriend’s drug abuse was an image in the mirror of her life. Her mirror showed her that something inside of her was capable of feeling worthless. She has no power to heal her boyfriend, but she does have the power to heal herself. And once she does that, her mirror would have to reflect the truth about her wholeness, whether this means that her relationship with someone whose habit makes her feel worthless would end, or that her boyfriend would find healing on his own and would then want to spend his time with her instead of getting high. But all she could see in her mirror, was her boyfriend’s flaw; the message that she has a ‘flaw’ of her own that needed healing was lost on her, because surely he was the one whose behaviour was unacceptable and who was making her suffer so unfairly? He was the one who needed healing. She was just fine. We all do this, even those of us who accept the truth about the mirror. We refuse to heal ourselves, but we insist that others should pull themselves together and get some help so that they can stop making us suffer.

To see the messages in the mirror, we have to accept that our brokenness or our wholeness, and whatever lies in between, are what draws the mirror images into our lives. When something in our world irks us, it is hard to remember that we are looking into a mirror. Unfortunately, the mirror reflects its messages in code and even when one is aware of the fact that one is staring into a mirror meant to guide one towards one’s healing, it is sometimes not that easy to work out what the mirror shows one about oneself. I have found that it helps to be grateful for the message, even if one does not yet know what the message is. Gratitude is an energy that can break the code of any hidden message. Once you acknowledge the message in the mirror and express your gratitude for it, the code is magically broken and the information you need to heal the relevant aspect of yourself flows directly to you so that you can see how that message ended up reflecting itself to you in the mirror of your life.

If you don’t like what you see in your world, accept that it is a mirror of what is broken inside of you. Turn that bright search light away from the messenger in the mirror and shine it into your own soul. You will often find deep wounds or even pain, fear, anguish, guilt or anger. You can ignore these things inside you, but they will keep coming up in the mirror of your life. And eventually, if you continue ignoring the messages in the mirror, your brave body will have to step up to try to tell you what you would not allow the mirror to show you.

Talking about that search light … the best kind I know of is hypnotherapy. If you are serious about healing your life and your body, find yourself a good hypnotherapist. You will not regret it.

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