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We all spend some of our time hoping for a miracle. When we do encounter one, we feel grateful that we have been fortunate enough to experience it. But do we really have to sit around and wait for a miracle to come to us? And if not, how do we create miracles? What are they made of?

Following a recent journey of self-discovery, I realized that miracles are made up of clear and loving thoughts, an attitude that engenders an ever growing ability to have faith in all that is, and a heart filled with gratitude. They say that when we are grateful for what we have, we get more of what we are grateful for. But that implies that we have to have something before we can be grateful for it. Who says that this is the way it has to be? What happens if we express our gratitude before having something to be grateful for? We get a miracle.

The energy of gratitude creates miracles, because gratitude unlocks abundance on every level available. Opportunities often remain hidden until the energy of gratitude flows into the situation or space, loosening things that have been stuck, blocking the flow of abundance and other opportunities, and even the flow of love. All things become possible when the power of gratitude is unleashed on the mundane world.

I discovered recently that when dark clouds appear on the horizon and it becomes difficult to stay positive or to have faith in what you are busy with, being grateful for the puzzle or difficult situation you are presented with can change everything. Suddenly, the answers just flow into your mind. The opportunities open up as the clouds fade away, revealing that which you could not see before. The energy of gratitude is light. It allows love, laughter and light to enter your space.

Every situation has a message and holds an opportunity. Next time you do not know what to do in a tough situation, just be grateful for the message that you cannot yet see. And watch a miracle being built right in front of your clear eyes.

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