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The promises we make

How many times a day do we say ’Sure, I’ll do that,’ or ‘I’ll give you a call once I’ve looked at this,’ or ‘I’ll e-mail you.’ And do we then do what we said we would do, or do we simply forget about our undertakings almost as quickly and easily as we gave them in the first place? I know as you are reading this you know exactly in which category you fall. But do you know the cost of being in the latter category, and who bears this cost?

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I read somewhere that basing decisions on fear, is not a good idea. Something about the general principle resonated with me. Of course, one should never generalize. Often it is downright good for one’s health, safety and well-being to pay attention to one’s fears.

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Seasons of pain

If one considers the fact that we arrive on this planet with no assets to our tiny hides, totally helpless and born to parents we have not yet learned to trust, it is not entirely surprising to find that we have also been deposited here without a rulebook.

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Body talk

Make no mistake, our bodies talk to us. All the time. My own body, however, is not the chatty type and the communication is hardly what I would call open. There is usually a lot of guesswork involved initially, until I get so uncomfortable with the painful signals and messages I get from my body, that I make the effort to either focus and look at what is happening or find an interpreter who can help me see what I am missing.

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