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Someone once told me that silence is a violent form of communication. This was many years before I was to learn first hand how a person can viciously employ silence to harm and hurt – with intention, the kind one can never prove, but that one can see reflected in the eyes of the one inflicting the pain.

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Letting go

How many times in one lifetime can one be expected to let go of something precious one would rather keep and cherish? Many times it seems. In fact, life seems to continually produce situations where we can either hold on or let go.

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Jumping into the void

I have often wondered what it takes to jump into the void of not knowing what to expect but following your heart anyway ... . One hears stories about people taking this seemingly courageous step and landing on their feet, living their dream, regardless of how impossible it all seemed to those looking on from the outside.  I always felt a tiny bit envious and fervently wished that I had the courage to do just that.

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