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Hypnosis – what it is not

Every now and again, a client alerts me to how much misinformation is floating around about hypnosis. It is unfortunate that there are uninformed individuals without any knowledge of, or training in, the use of hypnosis in the therapeutic or healing environment, who take it upon themselves to spread the most bizarre tales about a perfectly natural process.

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The Mask of Fear

Recently, I ended up in a space of my own making and spent some time spinning around there, feeling quite off balance by the end of the day’s drama. I wanted answers and I wanted them now and I had no inclination to learn to read tea leaves to get them.

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I cannot say that I am fond of crossroads in life and although I know that I am not the only one, I do know a few truly optimistic and adventurous souls out there who thrive on the sheer uncertainty of arriving at crossroads. I am apparently the timid kind and do not like my carefully made plans to go awry, nor do I like uncertainty.

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Black Sheep

Every family has one. That one person who somehow does not seem to ‘fit’. Sometimes it is the one who brings grief and pain to an entire family through poor life choices – of all kinds.

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