BookCHOOSING TO HEAL - A journey through time into eternity and back

by Cathy Mc Donald

"A delightful read about a personal journey through past lives to discover one's true self."  Andy Tomlinson, author of "Healing the Eternal Soul - Insights from Past Life and Spiritual Regression", Director & Principal Trainer at Past Life Regression Academy, UK

The author takes the reader on a colourful journey to her past lives lived in places like ancient Egypt, Japan and medieval England, where the information she needed to heal her current life was first revealed to her as she met slaves, monks, knights and Samurai, some of the many characters playing roles in her soul’s story. The journey starts off and inevitably leads deeper into the inner soul world where the treasures of the mind, as they are made available to humans in meditation, are explored. The reader is introduced to five spiritual guides who assisted the author to heal painful physical and emotional aspects of her life and who each played a distinct role in helping the author to understand her path through sharing their wisdom. The sacred space of the author’s spiritual regression to the space of life between lives is shared with the reader and provides clues to the pattern of the ancient tapestry of her soul’s life.

Available as an eBook or paperback on AMAZON.



Recordings of guided meditations based on the techniques used in the book are available for purchase:

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Working with your Guide - Original Version (21:42 min 20 MB)

Working with your Guide - 2020 Version (10:08 min 14,6 MB)


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